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How to Eat Fried Worms (08/25)

9 ratings11 reviews
  • edmodo-s9kyym2zbt
    This is a cool movie.Its two parts you learned in this movie. 1.is that Eating Fried Worms are NASTY! 2.Beeing a bully is not so awsome because in the movie thre was a bully that told this kid to eat fried worms and the bully said i will stop messing with you if you eat 20 fried worms and i wil...

Mom's Night Out (05/09)

7 ratings12 reviews
  • nya_nya27
    i saw it and it was really good . worth the money .

The Fault In Our Stars (06/06)

21 ratings60 reviews
  • ann_the_reader
    I went to go see this movie twice. Each time was as amazing as the last. I cried, laughed, cried, cried, and cried again. Yes, it's a very sad movie; at times. But there are also extremely hilarious parts as well. Most of the time, the movie does not even hold a candle to the book. The Fault In O...

The Grudge (10/22)

7 ratings9 reviews
  • dulajperera
    The Grudge is one of the most frightening horror movies in the world, produced in U.S.A.The plot occurs in Japan,in a house where a man killed his wife and only child. After the murder, there were strange incidents happening in that house.It's kinda like a curse. Whoever enters that house, the dr...

Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure

18 ratings9 reviews
  • borntoswim
    I liked this movie a lot. It was pretty good. I didn't want to see it because I didn't like High School Musical too much but this was different. Ashley Tisdale was really good. It was also funny and Sharpay makes it to broadway.

How to Build a Better Boy (08/17)

13 ratings35 reviews
  • nancydrew963
    nancydrew9632 popcorn
    Disney movies are known for being extremely cliché and having the most average plots ever. I'm definitely past most of the stuff currently playing on Disney and there are few shows that interest me anymore. Still, this movie was so-so. Sometimes I loved it, sometimes I hated it. During the entire...

Maleficent (05/30)

56 ratings153 reviews
  • neoncat
    neoncat5 popcorn
    I LOVE THIS MOVIE!! It was amazing! The animation was stunning, and the storyline was phenomenal! I feel SO bad for Maleficent. She certainly didn't deserve any of that! She's just a little misunderstood, that's all. Angelina Jolie was a perfect cast for the awesome role. You should totally see i...

The Lego Movie (02/07)

283 ratings493 reviews
  • sydbravesgirl17
    I enjoyed this movie a lot. Great characters, graphics, and plot. I liked Cloud Cuckoo Land and all the Master Builders. It used several LEGO themes, including Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel Heroes, and Lord of the Rings. Fun message, too. However, nothing is completely perfect. Some jokes are a...

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (04/04)

17 ratings35 reviews
  • storygirl101
    Captain America: The Winter Soldier picks up right after The Avengers. Steve and Natasha try to find the 'Winter Solider', who turns out to be someone Steve knows... Nick dies, Natasha kisses Steve, and they meet the Falcon. It's an action-packed adventure movie that I really enjoyed.

Frozen (11/27)

639 ratings1098 reviews
  • Sid
    When I first saw the movie trailer for “Frozen” I thought it was going to be a waste of time, and that Disney should not spend the time to make such a dumb film. “Frozen” came out on Thanksgiving Day and several of my friends saw it, and they told me it was one of the greatest Disney movies ever ...

Pitch Perfect (10/05)

250 ratings353 reviews
  • Tori
    Pitch Perfect Pitch Perfect, When I first seen the movie I really like it the movie expired me. Pitch Perfect is one of those movies you need to laugh about or get a laugh out there. This is some information about the movie Pitch Perfect. Two girls are looking for singers to join there group....

Transformers: Age of Extinction (06/27)

7 ratings19 reviews
  • deadmau5
    deadmau55 popcorn
    this was the best movie i ever seen but the human should have not use megatron head to make a actually transformer now megatron is super strong which probably is going to be hard to kill him but i like optimis armorer its super cool i suggest you see it before the trialer

The Karate Kid (06/11)

59 ratings30 reviews
  • mai
    mai5 popcorn
    A kid from Dakota is moving to China and he doesn't know any Chinese. He finds a girl that he likes but some meanie beats him up for liking her. Then an old man teaches him karate and he beats the meanie in a competion and wins the heart of the girl he likes.

Dolphin Tale 2 (09/19)

1 rating2 reviews
  • ls123
    ls1235 popcorn
    Awesome! Such a great movie!

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (08/07)

179 ratings307 reviews
  • neoncat
    neoncat2 popcorn
    It was so disappointing. I've read the book, and I'm sure other fangirls were disappointed as well. Percy Jackson deserved a better movie than this. The directors ripped pieces from the book and slapped together a new story. I don't know what story THIS is, but it's NOT Percy Jackson. I hate how ...

Guardians of the Galaxy (08/01)

17 ratings29 reviews
  • ET
    I saw this move recently and LOVED it. At first I didn't want to see it at all, but it turned out to be really good. For those of you who haven't seen it, if your expecting a typical Marvel movie like Iron Man or the Avengers, this is far from it. Although there was action the movie was more come...

Into The Storm (08/08)

0 ratings3 reviews
  • alston
    i love that movie

Despicable Me (07/09)

237 ratings201 reviews
  • cartoon654
    cartoon6545 popcorn
    i cant wait for despicale me 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20................... 111,112,113,,114,115,116,117,118,,119,120

Blended (05/23)

6 ratings13 reviews
  • starburstgsad
    starburstgsad5 popcorn
    just by watching the trailer i am thrilled to watch blended which is starring adam sandler, drew barrymore and my favorite bella thorn it just came out today on the 12th of june so you better watch it oh and don't worry its a comedy family movie !!! have fun

Rango (03/04)

41 ratings30 reviews
  • codyjrz
    codyjrz5 popcorn
    For those of you who don't know I'm new. Also I wont be doing the simple like 5-10 word review. I will be don't 5-6 sentence or more reviews. Now for this movie, I watched this movie every day for a week or two, and eventually learned about every line. Yes... I liked it that much!! Now Johnny Dep...

Grown Ups 2 (07/12)

16 ratings30 reviews
  • borntoswim
    It was alright. I like the first one better though, but it was still funny. It had a lot of Disney stars like Cameron Boyce, Chyna Anne McClain, and David Henry. It wasn't very appropriate for kids under 10.

Barbie and the Secret Door (09/16)

0 ratings1 review
  • Diamondgirl101
    nice loved that movie

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (11/15)

146 ratings254 reviews
  • vane143
    the movie was nice . it was worth paying five dollars.amaziing movie and perfect ending for the twilight saga.there was alot of action.i think this movie is good and people should see the other four movies.i think it was nice that jacob got over bella. i like the part were they got mad at jacob f...

The Giver (08/15)

8 ratings14 reviews
  • ET
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie. At first I was reluctant to see it because the trailer didn't look that good but after seeing it I liked it. Unlike most dystopian movies for instance, Divergent or the Hunger Games this one doesn't have much action. The start is a lot like Divergent but actually it i...

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